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In Jesus name

You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father.

John 14:13 (NLT)

So as you read this verse, what are you planning to ask for? In my book Don't Tell Joanie is told that Jesus wants to give her the desires of her heart. Joanie responds, “My heart has had a lot of desires. Is He sure He wants to go there?” Many of us can relate.

I've not found Jesus to be the genie that some are looking for. I don't believe that this verse alludes to that. As a matter of fact, the previous verse clarifies this verse by saying, "whoever believes in me". When you get to know Jesus, he changes everything about you: what you desire, what you ask for and even who'll benefit.

I've recently noticed that some Christian organizations are removing Christ from their names, in a concerted effort to make themselves more palatable; whether for inclusion, government funding, community support or for some other unknown reasons. While on the surface, I understand the desire to remove obstacles in order to reach people, I question whether the name of Jesus should be considered an obstacle.

When did the name of Jesus become an obstacle? How would the first century church, many of whom were martyred and truly suffered for their faith, respond in today's climate? In that time, people were flocking to the church, clambering in because of the name of Jesus; because Jesus presented radical changes to the status quo of the time.

But by taking out the name of Jesus in the very organizations that were created to reflect his love and good works, we take away his glory for the work being done. By taking his name off of the schools, we take away his radical teachings as our focus in education. If we are not directing our good deeds to his glory, then why should he honour us with his blessing? Have we not learned that when we turn our backs on him, and instead reap our own glory, things go terrible wrong?

Perhaps we just haven't represented him well, and that's why his name has become an obstacle. Perhaps, instead of removing the name of Jesus, we should change the narrative of Jesus and allow him to change us.

When you let Jesus take over your life, you begin to see things through the eyes of Jesus. He changes your perspective on everything. Perhaps if we allow Jesus to fill us and totally take over, his name would be the desire of everyones heart. Let him radically change you andsee things with his vantage point. Ask, in his name, for the power to change things as he would change them, and see what is unleashed!

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