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Where is your centre?

Do me a favour. Find a pencil and paper then draw our solar system. Where is earth? Did you put it in the right place? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Sorry, Pluto’s no longer a planet. Though we live on the third planet from the sun, many of us believe we are the centre of the universe. Take a closer look, the science shows us that we aren’t even the centre of our solar system let alone the centre of the universe. Surprise, surprise, scripture agrees with this reality. “He existed before anything else, and He holds all creation together.” Colossians 1:17.

In our fallen human nature, we are so often tempted to shift that paradigm and place ourselves into the centre. In doing so, we take the position of the Almighty. Each of us, since Adam and Eve have fallen into this trap. The deceiver plants this thought in our mind, taking our focus off it‘s rightful place, Christ Jesus. Both as a community of people and as individuals, our expectation of the universe is for it to exist for our benefit.

When our focus internalizes, we open ourselves up to self-centredness, and this is neither what Jesus demonstrated through His life, nor what He designed us for. Often our lives are filled with questions of ”Why is this happening to me, why do I need to suffer?” rather than “How can I honour You through this struggle?” That’s a much harder conversation to have with Jesus, but that’s what He’s looking for: a connection, a relationship. We are designed for relationship with Him. He holds all creation together. He holds us together, we can’t do it for ourselves, we’re not designed for it. I’m here for Him, He’s not here for me.

I know, it’s a hard pill to swallow that the universe doesn’t centre around us; acknowledge it, and be free. Free from the need to accumulate stuff and be a worldly success. If Jesus is the Sun, the centre of the universal creation, then the only thing that ultimately counts is our relationship with and to Him. Do we wake every morning asking, “what do you have planned for me?’ or do we say, “this is how you fit into my plans today.” Jesus is not a genie set to grant our wishes in order to make our lives comfortable. Our internal focus makes us susceptible to disappointment and despair when things don’t turn out the way we desire. The world knows too much of this this depression. Accepting Jesus as the centre and reason for everything releases us from disappointment. This can be the beginning of healing, a healing that Jesus will journey through with us.

John’s Revelation uncovers “a new heaven and a new earth”, where Jesus, the Son is the source of light, of water and rest. In this world we only see a part of this love, muddied by sin, but then we shall know in full, even as we are now fully known by God.

Re-align your life, centre yourself on Jesus and His will for you, and discover true peace and fulfillment.

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