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The Perspective


May 6, 2022

Mike Sherbino and Mitch Hunter speak with Kathy about emotional need and family betrayal.

Hope For The Agora

Hope for the Agora logo.webp

March 4, 2020

Kathy and Joanie share their stories about abuse, trauma, and the hope and healing found in Jesus Christ. Both speak of the restoration they found, and continue to find, in their faith.

700 Club Canada

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August 25, 2021

Bill Markham discovers how Joanie is able to forgive and change her life, in an interview with Kathy Isaac.

Perspectives Part 2

Joanie and Brian 2 copy_edited.jpg

August 13, 2021

Mike continues his interview with guests Kathy Isaac and Joanie Brusseau. Joanie joins the conversation to share her experiences from the book, Don't Tell: Finding Home After Family Betrayal

Perspectives Part 1


August 13, 2021

Mike talks with Kathy Isaac about her book, Don't Tell: Finding Home After Family Betrayal, the inspiring story of Joanie Brusseau, who at 15, has her father's child. It follows the journey from brokenness to redemption and restoration through Jesus.

Storm Lake Times

Joanie and James.jpg

July 16, 2021

Storm Lake Times reporter Dolores Cullen interviews Joanie Brusseau and James Roland about Don't Tell: Finding Home After Family Betrayal.

Storm Lake Radio

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July 2, 2021

Storm Lake Radio interviews Joanie Brusseau about the book Don't Tell recounting her story of overcoming 

WDCX Radio

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June 2, 2021

Neil Boron interviews Joanie Brusseau and Kathy Isaac on Neil Boron Live about how Jesus changed Joanie's life.


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