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Ever feel overwhelmed?

For many, 2020 was overwhelming, and sadly, 2021 appears to be following in the footsteps of its predecessor. We have lost so much. Many have lost employment, businesses, freedoms, self-esteem, family members... hope.

The book of Job in the Bible, describes how the main character, Job, can relate. Job had been a wealthy man. He was blessed with a large family- seven sons and three daughters. Satan was not happy with him, and Job loses just about everything: his animals, his servants, his children, even his friends turn on him. But he does not lose his faith. He remains resolute in his knowledge that he was made by God and that each and every breath is given by the Almighty. In the midst of his suffering he does question God, yet he continues to worship him.

DON'T TELL, journey's with Joanie as she experiences moments where the pressures of the day come crushing down on her. So many times she is unable to catch her breath, unable to hold on to anything. She loses her family, her home, her children, her best friend - Azia, her dog. Mental illness takes her to the brink of death. She is being pulled "beneath the earth's crust, gasping for air".

Many of us can relate to that feeling. Job has an answer. Worship God. Recognize that he made you and he will give you breath. That’s what Joanie did, and her life changed.

Lately, I’ve been somewhat overwhelmed myself. COVID-19 has impacted my life in ways I would not have imagined. As a result of COVID-19, our church started providing food to those in need. It began with two families and we now have 222 families on our list. Writing DON’T TELL has been an interesting journey in itself. COVID-19 has given me time since I can’t do many of the things I did before. But the process to get it published and the marketing that goes along with it, though interesting, is a bit overwhelming. Then there are the ever changing rules and regulations around COVID-19. I lost my dad to cancer early on, and still haven’t been able to go into my mom’s place and help her clean out his tools and clothes.

And when I feel overwhelmed by all of this, I remind myself to breathe. God made me and he will give me breath.

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