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Jesus wept. John 11:35

My country is in mourning. It seems each week, more tragedy is revealed. We mourn the loss of so many indigenous children at the hands of those who were meant to protect them; worse yet, many who claim to represent and honour God. This was not of God. Jesus loved. Jesus is love. He welcomed children, when children were nothing more than chattel, and wants us all to come to Him with the ease that children approach a loving family. He is our rock and refuge, our safe harbour. He came for all, and died for all. We are to emulate Him, and so those evil things that happened at the Residential Schools cannot be of Him.

When Jesus met Mary and Martha after the death of his dear friend, their brother, he took a moment to weep with them. There will be a time for words, but this is our time to sit with our First Nations People and weep in silence.


Children die

Parents cry

While bodies lie


Who's to know

Where'd they go

So long ago

Without a sound

What to do

Was it you?

T'was but a few!

Round and round

Does it matter

Families shattered

No pitter-patter

on the ground

Throughout our land

Hand in hand

Together stand

The hurt surround

Tear-drops fall

Remember all

Who suffered immeasurable

Our hearts do pound

No words today

Our souls do pray

There'll be a way

to heal- rebound

God is love

Son, freer of

Peace Spirit dove

From pain unbound

-Kathy Isaac

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